Zebbs Laws

1. Our restaurant is reminiscent of a simpler time, a time when a meal couldn’t be prepared in seconds. We make soup from scratch, serve fresh ground steak burgers & hand-cut our own french fries & much more so you can enjoy the taste of those simpler times, without any of the work.

2. Our portions, especially salads, desserts & fries are excessive because nothing succeeds like excess. If you can’t eat it all, we’ll be glad to wrap it up for you.

3. We bake all of our cookies, brookies and brownies daily. In order to keep them fresh, we do run out occasionally as a result. It’s not that we wanted to mess your day up.

4. The restaurant is run for the enjoyment & pleasure of our guests, not the convenience of the staff or management.

5. We hate soggy fries. If yours are not crisp, the way you like them, send them back. Maybe the kitchen will get the message.

6. Corned beef is tasty because it contains some fat. If you want lean corned beef . . . order turkey.

7. We wait until your mouth is full before asking if you’re enjoying the meal. Nods, grins, OK and thumbs up signals are all acceptable ways of letting us know.

8. This is a bad place for a diet, but if you insist on being in better shape than we are? Just let us know & we’ll fix you up with something. We even have a low calorie items.

9. At Zebbs, we’re serious about food…. But not much else. Relax & have a good time!

10. Zebbs is an evolutionary restaurant. We thrive on your comments as to how we might improve the joint. Help us to make it your place, as well as ours!