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Bigger Beefier Burgers

Zebb’s created the Original Gourmet Burger with fresh ground beef on our bakery fresh roll. Finish what we started with a burger enhancer!

The 6oz Steak Burger
Our fresh ground Steak Burger served on top of a fresh roll.

The 8oz Steak Burger
Our Bigger Beefier fresh ground Steak Burger served on top of a fresh roll. 


*All burgers are seasoned unless requested otherwise

Burger Enhancers: Swiss Cheddar American Provolone Mozzarella or Pepper Jack Cheese • Bleu Cheese Crumbles  • Sautéed Mushrooms  Guacamole  • Zebb’s Chili  3 Bacon Strips 

Moo Less Burgers

Ground Turkey Burger
With honey mustard dressing.  

Very Veggie Burger
With sautéed onion, mushrooms and melted Cheddar. Served with salsa.

Gourmet Burgers
Gourmet Burgers
Gourmet Burgers

Made with 100% fresh BEEF!


Zebb’s Classic Burger
Crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese topped with a crispy onion ring.   

Black & Bleu Burger
Dusted with Cajun spices, topped with bacon strips and melted Bleu cheese crumbles.

Swiss Mushroom Bacon Burger
Sautéed mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese and crisp bacon strips top this juicy steak burger.

Buffalo Burger
Our juicy steak burger basted with wing sauce. Topped with our buffalo wing dip and melted bleu cheese crumbles.

Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Burger
Our juicy steak burger topped with our homemade sharp and creamy macaroni and cheese, crispy bacon strips and melted sharp cheddar cheese.  

Jalapeño Burger
Grilled jalapeños, crispy bacon and sautéed onions,topped with melted Pepper Jack cheese. 

Fried Egg Burger
Fried egg, crispy bacon strips and melted cheddar cheese on top of our juicy steak burger.   

Soft Pretzel Burger
Our juicy Steak Burger served on a chewy pretzel roll, topped with crispy bacon strips and nacho cheese sauce. 

Reuben, chicken, and turkey sandwiches

All of our sandwiches are served with fresh cut Idaho steak fries.

Turkey Club
Thin-sliced roasted turkey breast classic on a triple decker sandwich with fresh baked white toast, American cheese, crispy bacon strips, tomato, lettuce and mayo.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken breast topped with lean ham, melted Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served on a fresh roll with a side of honey mustard.

Bourbon Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken breast basted with Sweet Baby Ray’s bourbon sauce. Topped with caramelized onions, crispy bacon strips and melted cheddar cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Crispy breaded chicken breast, tossed in Buffalo wing sauce and topped with melted Bleu cheese, lettuce and tomato. 

Reuben on Rye
A full 1/3-lb. of thin-sliced tender corned beef brisket, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese with Thousand Island dressing on the side so you can add just the right amount.   or Make it a Turkey Reuben. NYC Piled High (Double the Meat)

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Crispy breaded or grilled chicken breast topped with sweet and spicy sauce, jalapenos and pepperjack cheese. 

Philly Cheesesteak
Shaved steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms and Cheddar cheese on a fresh hoagie roll.

Mango Habanero Chicken
Grilled chicken breast basted with mango habanero sauce. Topped with sautéed jalapeños and melted pepper jack cheese with a side of cool guacamole. Served on grilled Kaiser roll.  

Cattlemen Gold BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken breast basted with cattlemen gold tangy bbq sauce. Topped with crispy bacon strips, sautéed onions and melted Swiss cheese. Served on a grilled Kaiser roll.  

Tuna Melt
Our own Albacore tuna salad grilled with sliced tomatoes and melted American cheese on the world’s best rye bread. 

Eight strips of hearty bacon, crisp lettuce and tomato on a triple decker with fresh white toast.

Chicken Parm Hoagie
Crispy breaded chicken breast topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese on a freshly baked hoagie roll.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Turkey BLT Wrap
Turkey BLT Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Crispy breaded or grilled chicken tenderloins tossed in buffalo wing sauce.  Wrapped in a tomato tortilla shell with lettuce, tomato, chunky bleu cheese dressing, Monterey Jack & cheddar cheese.

Caesar Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, Asiago cheese and Romaine lettuce tossed in our exclusive Caesar dressing and wrapped in an herb garlic tortilla wrap.

Turkey B.L.T. Wrap
Roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon strips, lettuce, tomato, herb mayonnaise, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses wrapped in an herb garlic tortilla wrap.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap
Fried chicken tenders, crispy bacon strips, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and Monterey Jack & cheddar cheese.

Steak & Chicken

Pepper Jack Chicken
Grilled boneless chicken breast basted with our Buffalo wing sauce topped with sautéed jalapeno peppers and melted pepper jack cheese. Served with fresh steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.

Sizzling Fajitas

Grilled strips of chicken served on a sizzling platter with onions, peppers, shredded lettuce, Pico di gallo, sour cream, Monterey Jack& cheddar cheeses and fresh flour tortillas.  Chicken,  Steak, Combo!   • Add a side of guacamole

Smothered Chicken
Two grilled boneless chicken breasts smothered with sautéed onions and peppers and melted swiss cheese. Served with fresh steamed broccoli, choice of potato and rolls. 

Chicken Breast Tenders
All natural chicken breast tenderloins breaded and golden fried with honey-mustard sauce for dipping. Served with coleslaw, choice of fresh cut Idaho steak fries or mashed potatoes.

Classics & Barbeque

Turkey Diner Dinner
Hot roast turkey. Served on fresh white bread with gravy, choice of mashed potatoes or fresh cut Idaho steak fries.  Includes a fresh house salad.

Thick Cut Grilled Meatloaf
Homemade meatloaf grilled with sautéed onions and topped with beef gravy. Served with steamed broccoli and choice of mashed potatoes or fresh cut fries.  

Homemade Macaroni & Cheese
Homemade Sharp and creamy macaroni & cheese with a seasoned bread crumb topping. Served with a side of fresh steamed broccoli.  

Golden Fried Shrimp
Gulf shrimp deep fried to a golden brown served with fresh cut Idaho fries, and coleslaw.

Fish & Chips
Yuengling beer battered fish fillet deep fried till golden brown. Includes fresh cut Idaho fries and creamy coleslaw.  

Friday’s Fresh Fish
Available on Fridays only! Fresh haddock fillet broiled or fried. Served with fresh cut Idaho fries and creamy coleslaw.


Zebb’s House Sirloin

Featuring our minimum 28 day aged 8oz Angus Reserve Prize Selection Sirloin. Served with fresh cut Idaho fries or mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable.

Delicious Add Ons….
• Smothered – onions, peppers, mushrooms & swiss cheese .
• Black & bleu – Crumbly bleu & cajun spice
• Pepper Jack
• Smothered Chicken
• BBQ Chicken Breast
• 7 Breaded Shrimp 

Steak, Broccoli, and Mashed Potatoes
Our grilled 7 oz seasoned flat iron steak served with steamed broccoli and Mashed potatoes


Soup of the Day
Fresh Daily! 

Monday: Cream of Mushroom
Tuesday: Italian Wedding
Wednesday: Corn Chowder
Thursday: Chicken Noodle
Friday: Clam Chowder
Saturday: Potato Cheddar Chowder
Sunday: Cheddar Chicken & Broccoli

Add cup of soup 

French Onion Soup
Topped with melted Provolone cheese & a fresh baked crouton. 

Homemade Chili
Zebb’s chili speaks for itself! Made with freshly ground chuck, sweet sausage, kidney beans, fresh onions, green peppers and our own blend of spices with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses on top. Served with nacho chips on the side.

Cobb Salad, House Salad, California Pizza Salad
Cobb Salad, California Pizza Salad

GIGANTIC California Cobb Salad
Diced chicken breast, Jack and Cheddar cheeses, chopped bacon,tomato, guacamole, black olives and hard-boiled egg arranged on a bed of crisp greens all in a crunchy tortilla shell.    Lunch Size 

Chicken Taco Salad El Zebb
Seasoned chicken breast tossed with salsa, Jack and Cheddar cheeses atop fresh garden greens with jalapeños, tomatoes and onions served in a crunchy tortilla shell with salsa and sour cream.    Lunch Size 

Big Beef Taco Salad El Zebb
Seasoned ground beef with salsa, Jack and Cheddar cheeses atop fresh garden greens with jalapeños, tomatoes and onions served in a crunchy tortilla shell with salsa and sour cream.    Lunch Size 

Combo Fajita Salad
A crispy flour tortilla filled with salad greens, marinated chicken and steak, pico de gallo, tomatoes, Jack and Cheddar cheeses with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.     Lunch Size 

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Crisp iceberg and romaine lettuce tossed in our Caesar dressing with grilled or fried chicken, bacon, tomato, mushroom, Romano cheese and croutons.    Lunch Size 

House Salad
Fresh mixed greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, cheese, croutons and choice of dressing.  

Add a House Salad to your Sandwich or entrée

Lunch Combos

Monday – Friday 11am – 4pm

Available In House Only.

Bowl of Soup & House Salad

Cup of Soup & Sandwich
Turkey, Tuna or corn beef with lettuce and tomato.

5 Chicken Wings & House Dinner Salad

Hamburger & French Fry

Quesadilla with a Soup or Salad

½ Chicken, beef or cheese quesadilla with a bowl of soup or house dinner salad.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, Cadillac Nachos, ZebbOriginal Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, ZebbOriginal Wings

Wings & Tenders

  5 Wings 
10 Wings 
20 Wings 
35 Wings 
Single Boneless 
Double Boneless 
Boneless Wing Platter 
Chicken Tenders 
Buffalo Tenders 
Buffalo Tenders

Wing Sauces

World Famous ZebbOriginal The day the spice rack dropped, we invented the Cajun-Garlic-Bleu Cheese wing!   
Homemade Sweet and Spice
Ragin’ Cajun  Blissfully hot and made to satisfy
Hot Rockin’ Buffalo Perfect blend of heat and flavor
Nickel City Medium A little spicier with a nice kick
Mango Habanero A mix of sweet mango with a punchy habanero pepper
Mild Buffalo
The Sauce that launched the Buffalo wing craze
Plain For those of you not feeling saucy

Tangy Gold BBQ Legendary southern BBQ sauce
Garlic Parm Unique & unbelievably tasty
Uncle Matty’s BBQ Legendary Tangy Southern BBQ Sauce
Bourbon Sweet baby Ray’s bourbon molasses glaze

Zebb’s Fresh Cut Idaho Steak Fries

Original Fries
We carefully select and age choice Idaho potatoes, hand cut them, blanch, fry and season them to get that great fresh cut taste!
Basket – Half Order
Wet with gravy – Half Order
Cheese Fries –  Half Order
Sweet Potato –  Half Order

Loaded Fries
A mound of Zebb’s fresh cut Idaho steak fries loaded with melted Jack, Cheddar cheese and bacon. Served with Ranch.  Smothered with Chili Add

Bigger Bigtime Party Platter
Fresh cut onion rings, potato skins, boneless Buffalo wings & crunchy mozzarella cheesesticks for your grazing pleasure.

Buffalo Shrimp
Served hot, medium or mild with Bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks on the side.

Fried Pickles
Juicy pickle chips deep fried to a golden brown. Served with our homemade sweet mustard dipping sauce.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Creamy spinach artichoke dip topped with caramelized asiago cheese. Served with crunchy tortilla chips.  

Loaded Tater Tots
Delicious tater tots topped with crispy bacon bits, chives, melted Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. Served with sour cream.

Philly Cheesesteak Quesadilla
Flour tortillas filled with Jack and cheddar cheese, shaved steak, peppers, onions and pico de gallo. Grilled and cut into bite size wedges,  with shredded lettuce, sour cream & salsa.

Flour tortillas filled with Jack &  cheddar cheeses, pico de gallo, grilled and cut into bite sized wedges, with lettuce, sour cream and salsa.
Chicken – add    Taco Beef – add
Guacamole – add        

Cadillac Nachos
Homemade nacho chips covered with seasoned fresh ground beef, refried beans, Jack and cheddar cheeses, diced tomato, jalapeños, black olives, shredded lettuce and sour cream. 

Poutine Fries
A mound of Zebbs Fresh Cut Idaho Steak Fries topped with our beef gravy and cheese curds

Potato Skins
Stuffed with real chopped bacon, Jack and Cheddar cheeses. 9.99

Mozzarella Cheesesticks
Deep-fried cheese with zesty marinara. 8.99

Onion Rings
Thick, hand-cut onion rings, deep-fried to order, with a zippy dipping sauce. 8.99

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip
Homemade Buffalo chicken wing dip topped with melted Monterey Jack & cheddar cheese. Served with crispy tortilla chips for your grazing pleasure. 9.99

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks
Soft Bavarian salted pretzel sticks. Served with Nacho cheese sauce and brown mustard on the side for dipping.